My continuous existence should perceptively gratify other existences

Mobile technologist, hobbyist musician, connoisseur photographer and the Founder of Flutter Karachi, Pakistan.

Mobile Design

Designing out of the box apps within the boundaries of standard guidelines

Mobile Development

Developing mobile apps on world's fastest growing platform, Flutter


Hobbying into perspectual photography


Writing tech related artiles on Medium

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Mobile app [05/03/2019]


A power pack combination of Flutter and Firebase, this application is the official community app for Flutter Karachi, Pakistan. It gives information about the next latest happening, its registrations and it's also responsible for event's on-day attendance management.

Android - iOS

Writing [13/03/2020]

Flutter and DX

After transformations of the UI, the UX and the CX; Flutter came in and transformed the DX (the Developer Experience)

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Photography [11/05/2020]

Youpic portfolio

A collection of random hobbying around.

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Tutorial [02/11/2019]

Password validation made fun

Using Flutter and Rive, creating easy, fun-filled password UX validations

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